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Check back often for newly posted videos about our current projects and what we do here at the shop!
A video of The Bugoholics in action at the shop!
Bugoholics Built Motors
1600 cc. Built for max fuel economy. Click here for more info.
A radical 1600 build. Check out our motor page for more info.
A 1776 build. Click here to visit our motor page for more info.
Current Projects
The Beginning Of O' Roxy's Complete Restoratoin Makeover.
Heart Transplant (New Engine)-

-Rebuilt AH Dual Relief Small Stull Case, with Case Savers
-Fresh Turned German Crank
-Rebuilt Rods
-OEM Cam
-Rebuilt Single Port Heads
-New Full Flow Oil Pump
-New Mahle Pistons & Liner Kit
-OEM Stock Flywheel
-New Deep Oil Sump
-All New Exhaust
-New Solex Carb
-Polished .009 Dist.
-Rebuilt Rocker Assembly
-New Fuel Pump
-All New Bearings and Seals
-All Engine Tin Sandblasted and Painted Flat Black
To See Pictures of the Complete Restoration of Roxy, a '68 Beetle, visit our blog by clicking here.