Bugoholics Built Engines

From Stock 1600cc, to 2387cc Turbocharged Power Houses, our team is the leader in custom built engines for the Greater Houston and Surrounding Areas. If you can dream it, we can build it! We keep Factory Replacement and Performance engine components in stock to keep turnaround time at a minimum.  Engine cases and Cylinder Heads are machined by Bugoholics, in house.

All Engines listed on this page are built using new accessories, unless otherwise stated (Carburetor(s), 55amp Alternator, German Beru Coil, .009 Dist W/points, Plugs, Wires, Cooling Tins, Etc.)
STD,STD,STD 1600cc with Warranry- $4000 + Core
  • German AS41 Case: AE781470 - Std, Std
    • Never been cut or machined
  • NOS German 4 dowel Crank - Std
  • Balanced Rebuilt J311 Connecting Rods
  • OEM Dished Camshaft and Lifters
  • New Main, Rod, and Cam Bearings
  • Resurfaced German 4 dowel Flywheel
  • New 85.5 Piston and Liner Kit
  • Rebuilt German Dual Port Heads
    • -New Exhaust Valves
    • -New Valve Springs, Retainers, and Keepers
  • New Shradek Oil Pump and Pump Cover
  • Rebuilt German Rocker Assemblies
  • New German Muffler Kit
  • New Solex Carburetor
  • New Bosch Distributor
  • New 55amp Alternator
  • New German Coil
Turn Key 1679cc (69mm X 88mm)- $3950 + Core  **SOLD- Thank you, Kelly! 6/11/17**
  • Rebuilt German AH Case
    • Line Bore & Thrust Cut to proper spec.
  • Rebuilt 69mm German Crankshaft
  • New Cima Mahle 88mm Pistons & Cylinders
  • Reground Camshaft
  • New Lifters, Brazil
  • New Connecting Rods
  • New 4 Dowel Stock Weight Flywheel
  • New Chromoly 36mm Gland Nut & HD  Washer
  • Rebuilt German Cylinder Heads
    • Compression Ratio Set at 9.5:1
  • Bolt Together Rocker Assemblies
  • All New Bearings, Gaskets, and Seals
  • New HD Schradek Oil Pump
  • New EMPI 2 Tip Exhaust is Included in the price.
  • New EMPI Dual 34mm Carburetor Kit
  • All New Accessories, as seen in photo.
*Other Exhaust systems are available in store for different applications*

Engines Coming Soon:
  • 1968cc: 74mm x 92mm- Will be built into a TurnKey setup with Dual 40 IDF  carburetors. Short Blocked 5/10/17
  • 2110cc: 82mm x 90.5mm- Will be built into a TurnKey setup with Single 4 Barrel Carburetor. Short Blocked 5/12/17
  • 1776cc: 69mm x 90.5mm- Will be built TurnKey with Dual 40IDF Carburetors
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