Bugoholics Built Motors
Bugoholics builds turnkey motors in our shop. We have pre-configured engines to choose from or we can build you a custom designed motor to meet your personal specifications.
Watch the videos below to see and hear some engines we have built for our customers!
Max Fuel Economy 1600 cc. Build
Specifications for this 1600 cc. motor include:
- 041 Auto Linea Heads
- EMPI Quiet Pack
- .009 Distributor
- Original German Crank
- 40X35.5 Stainless Valves
- Cam Specs Confidential : )
A Radical 1600 cc. Build
Specifications for this 1600 cc. motor include:
- 10 to 1 Compression
-Mahle Pistons and Cylinders
-4 Dowel Crank
-110 Engle Cam
-39x32 mm Fly-Cut Heads with Hi Rev. Springs
-2 b Weber Carb
-Full Flow Oil Pump with Spin on Filter
-Original German Crank
-1.5 Quart Deep Sump
-.009 German Distributor
Semi-Wild 1776 cc. Build
Specifications for this 1776 cc. motor include:
- 8.5 to 1 Compression
- Forged Graphite Coated Pistons
-8 Dowel Forged Crank
-110 Engle Cam
-Lightweight Lifters
-Outlaw Competition Heads
-40x35.5 Stainless Valves
-Scat 2 b Weber Carb
-Full Flow Filter Pump
-1.5 Quart Deep Sump
- Lightened Flywheel
-.009 German Distributor
Wild Thing 1955 cc. Build
Built to run in our drag bug. Specs may be listed after our first run down the track along with the results of the race.
Roxy 1600 cc. Rebuild
Motor built for complete restoration of a customer's car, Roxy, Specs include:

-Rebuilt AH Dual Relief Small Stull Case, with Case Savers
-Fresh Turned German Crank
-Rebuilt Rods
-OEM Cam
-Rebuilt Single Port Heads
-New Full Flow Oil Pump
-New Mahle Pistons & Liner Kit
-OEM Stock Flywheel
-New Deep Oil Sump
-All New Exhaust
-New Solex Carb
-Polished .009 Dist.
-Rebuilt Rocker Assembly
-New Fuel Pump
-All New Bearings and Seals
-All Engine Tin Sandblasted and Painted Flat Black